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Jacquie Jacobs' newest show
sub rosa

showing at Pure,
3 July through 31 July 2001

  Rose Bed
Juicy colours and textures inform Jacquie Jacobs’ work, which investigates the body and its relationship to the world.

Jacquie Jacobs, born and raised in Toronto, attended the Ontario College of Art, which included two years of off campus study in Florence, Italy. After a post-graduate year in London, England, at St. Martin's School of Art she took up a 3 month residency stint at Parson's School of Art, NY. Jacquie has exhibited in places such as Berlin, London, Basel and Toronto. PureJacobs is her first solo American show. She says "In my artwork I have the chance to link and explore my fascination with ideas and nature "

Artist's Statement

sub rosa

(confidentially; secretly; privately).
(L; lit., under the rose, from the ancient use of a rose at meetings as a symbol of sworn confidence of the participants)

Confidential desires, admissions and losses define these pieces. Private lives unravel among figures in a restless dreamy sub-conscious state, combined with flora, alluding to sexuality and fertility of mind. The internalized flowers also represent an integration of segments from the external environment into the physical body, ‘we are all part of the same matter.’

Metaphorically the blooms could be aspirations of the sleeping/dreaming/ restless forms. The paintings are not clearly defined they are part mystery, like dreams welling up out of and appealing to the unconscious. Sub rosa implies that element of secrecy and mystery.

Technically the works are mainly oil paint on wood which is sawed out in irregular shapes to claim the surrounding wall as part of the composition. The rectangular paintings are also oil paint, but on linen. The Canadian poet, Stan Rogal, inspired some of these works and augmented others with a manuscript of his poems.

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Rose Madder Rose Bed Wild Bush

Bed Dream Pool Collage Venus Seed Pod Collage Wish

Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish

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